Thriving Farms

Farmers are our past, present, and future.

Thriving Farms are essential to our future.

That’s why we’re helping farmers to be more efficient, economically sound, and viable for generations.

Sure, we get help financing equipment, but it’s the daily things like animal welfare support and technical advice from the Tillamook Farm Services Team that make the biggest difference.”

—Joe Jenck, Tillamook Farmer-owner and Board Member

Farming can be challenging due to today’s economic uncertainty, increased scrutiny, and constant change. Yet, farmers have the grit and adaptability to overcome those challenges. And we’re right there with them, investing in their well-being and their ongoing, intergenerational success.

The Seals have been farming for multiple generations.
A farmer amongst his cows.
Our farmer-owners work hard, and we work hard to reward them.


Banking on farming for today and forever.

As a co-op, we pay our farmer-owners milk prices that are above market value. And, we pay a premium for milk quality to encourage continuous improvement across their farms.

Farming is in their blood. Three generations of the Martin family divide and conquer the daily tasks of dairy farming.

Sharing annual earnings.

Each year, we make farmer-owner distributions based on our earnings. This means that regardless of market conditions, business earnings go back into farmers’ pockets. Since 2015, we have increased distributions by 41 percent.

2019 Annual Earnings Chart

Grant and loan programs.

These programs help our farmer-owners implement environmental stewardship projects, like streamside fencing, that contribute to their farms’ overall success.

Threemile Canyon Farms employee uses modern machinery to improve cows’ access to nutritious feed.

Thriving Farms are our future.

Farmers continue to be at the heart of all we do, from providing us with high-quality milk to governing our business. As a co-op founded by a collection of farmers, we’re working to keep farms thriving for generations to come.

Healthful cows in a pasture.t
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