Healthful Cows

Cows are our reason for being.

Healthful cows always come first.

We take animal care extremely seriously, and excellent cow care is an expectation of everyone we work with. Whether a farm has 200 or 20,000 cows, our standards are rigorous, our expectations are clear, and our philosophy is straightforward: healthful cows always come first.

Cow comfort is a high priority for all dairy farmers. The more comfortable cows are, the more production they have. And, overall, they’re healthier.”

—Kate Lott, DVM, Tillamook Director of Farm Engagement
Jersey cows eating feed

Coming through for cows.

A lot goes into keeping cows healthful. It starts with physical well-being, supervised by farmers and veterinarians. Then, it continues by providing a low-stress environment, handling cow herds humanely, and optimizing comfort and cleanliness. This is our standard no matter the size of the farm. No exceptions.

Cow care basics.

Our cow care focuses on minimizing stress in three daily activities: when cows stand to milk, when cows stand to eat and drink, and when cows lie down to rest.

A cow getting a back rub from a brush.
What is Cow Care

The soul and science of cow care.

As we grow, we’re stepping up for cows by expanding our scientific capabilities and technical support. From monitoring a cow’s somatic cell counts and protein levels to checking every milk load that comes into our Tillamook and Boardman facilities, the goal is to ensure optimum cow health. Tracking this data is how we help farmers continuously improve.

Farmers making sure their cows are healthy

A truly cow-friendly diet.

Meet Blaise Bennett, a Tillamook farmer-owner who’s part farmer, part businessman, and part animal nutritionist. The feed in his barn is not simply grass, but a mix of high-quality agricultural products, such as hay and corn silage, that ensure his cows get the best nutrition available.

  • Grass Silage

    Grass silage is chopped, fermented grass. It has a higher moisture level than dry hay. This means it is more digestible and palatable for cows. Grass silage provides cows protein and fiber, along with vitamins.

  • Ground Corn

    Ground corn is corn kernels that have been processed so that they are more digestible than whole kernels. Ground corn provides cows an energy source.

  • Alfalfa

    Alfalfa is legume dry hay. It provides cows with fiber, protein, and an energy source. Different parts of the crop offer different benefits. Alfalfa stems provide fiber mat in the rumen and slower digestibility. Alfalfa leaves are easily and quickly digested for nutrients.

  • Cotton Seed

    Cotton seed is a by-product feed that provides cows good protein and fiber. Cotton seed also stimulates milk production and milk fat percentage.

  • Soy Meal

    Soy Meal is processed soybeans, with oil removed, that provides cows protein and energy. Soy meal is highly digestible and palatable. In fact, it is considered the best plant protein source for animal feed.

Dedicated to cows.

We set a high bar for how every cow and herd are treated. The “Five Freedoms” of good animal welfare, which are inspired by the World Organisation for Animal Health, ensure a humane environment for cows through: adequate food and water, comfort and shelter, proper handling, prevention and treatment of disease and injury, and prevention and minimization of fear, stress, and suffering.

Holstein cows resting in the barn.
cow head

We care for Tillamook by caring for cows.

It’s through our commitment to healthful cows that we’re able to produce the highest quality cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, butter and cream cheese spread.

A loaf of cheese.
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