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Focusing on the Future.

At the heart of who we are, you’ll find Stewardship. It’s been a part of our journey since the very beginning. And it’s how we’re growing, with our six Stewardship Commitments as our guide.

We believe that caring for cows and farms, for people and products, for our communities, and the environment is not just about smart business, it’s about staying true to our values. That’s why we’re putting even more care and hard work into upholding our values as we move forward.

Now, and for generations to come.

As we’ve become bigger over the past year, we like to think we’ve become better, too. Better because we’re finding new ways to do more with less, to put technology to work, and to make products more people can enjoy and be proud of.”

—Shannon Lourenzo, Farmer-owner and Chairman, Tillamook Board of Directors
Shannon Lourenzo, Farmer-owner and Chairman, Tillamook Board of Directors

We’re farmer-owners working hard for a better today and tomorrow.

Dedication to our values starts with the highest quality cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, butter, and cream cheese spread. But we don’t stop there. It continues by caring for cows and farms, sustaining our natural resources, and supporting our employees and our communities.

As a farmer-owned, farmer-led co-op, Stewardship and sustainability have always been naturally embedded in our business. And our six Stewardship Commitments not only ground us, they guide us as we grow.

Our Commitments

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